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Ricky Riley, CEO, General Manager

Ricky Riley, CEO and General Manager, Compass Sleep Products and Compass Sleep Repair Center. Ricky’s roots are in rural America. He grew up in a rural town in Western Kentucky, where he graduated from Mid Continent University with a degree in Business Administration. He began his career in retail management before transitioning into manufacturing. Beginning in window and door manufacturing, Ricky received his Six Sigma Green Belt in 2015, and studied Kaizen manufacturing principles throughout his first 7 years.

In 2016, Ricky transitioned into mattress manufacturing, where he grew his manufacturing career and knowledge working in Texas for Corsicana Mattress--one the largest independent mattress manufacturer in the US. Most recently, Ricky traveled around the southeast growing smaller independent mattress manufacturers.

With seventeen years of leadership experience, and fifteen years in manufacturing, Ricky and his family are committed to the growth, health, and vitality of Compass Sleep Products.
Ricky Riley, CEO and General Manager Compass Sleep Products
Ricky Riley, CEO and General Manager
Meet The Team

The 4-member Executive Team consists of north Florida area business leaders whose Florida business experience exceeds 90 years (combined): John McEachern, President; Benjie Read, CFO, and Donnie L. Read. The CEO/General Manager, Ricky Riley, brings 15 years mattress production experience and was responsible for securing an agreement with SpringAir® for Compass to be the exclusive Florida-based mattress supplier for SpringAir® customers. 
Our Story

Compass Sleep Products, Inc. is a Florida Corporation located in Greenville, FL. (Madison County.) The Compass executive team started planning the mattress business in early 2019, long before the factory was even built. The goal has always been to contribute to the local economy by opening a manufacturing operation that would provide excellent training, good wages, great benefits, transferable skills and economic security for anyone that was seeking a new career path. The Compass Sleep Products factory is the only mattress production plant located in north central Florida.

The mattress production equipment is state-of-the-art. All equipment is installed and mattresses are moving along the production line. From the quilting machine to the flange, all equipment has been inspected for safety and productivity.
The latest mattress quilting technology
The latest mattress quilting technology
Flanger Seals the Deal Perfect Mattress Closure
Flanger Seals the Deal Perfect Mattress Closure
Florida is a leading mattress producing state: 12 mattress plants state-wide employing more than 1,000 employees. Compass Sleep Products is ready to compete vigorously in this marketplace. We recently completed the construction of a 36,000-sf manufacturing plant in Greenville, FL, (Madison County).  In addition to manufacturing quality bedding products, Compass services include a sewing equipment repair shop (Compass Sleep Repair Center) and a customer service center. The Repair Center is a 2-story, 8,000 sf building next to the mattress plant. The repair shop will repair mattress sewing equipment for other manufacturers. As the Compass General Manager, Ricky Riley brings 15 years mattress production experience to this newly created manufacturing company. His contacts throughout the industry led to Compass being selected as the exclusive Florida supplier for the SpringAir® company, one of the nation’s largest mattress distributors. Compass is currently hiring and training workers for all positions. The company goal is to create at least 70 good paying jobs over the next 18 months.

Growing a “mattress manufacturing company” requires highly-trained staff. Ricky Riley has recruited the “best in the business” training team. Training for these highly skilled jobs: mattress framing, mattress assembly, sewing and quilting will be conducted multiple times/year as new staff are hired and current staff are retrained. All workers are paid during training.
Compass Sleep products

Compass produces quality bedding products including the trendy “Air Cooled” mattress. We also produce a 17” thick mattress. Although Compass’s primary marketplace for mattress sales and repair customers is the SE United States, we hope to ship mattresses and repair equipment throughout the U.S., Canada and globally.
Technology Air-Cooled Mattress
Technology Air-Cooled Mattress
Thickest Mattress is 17 Inches
Thickest Mattress is 17 Inches
Compass Sleep Products, Inc. & Compass Sleep Repair Center

Factory Address:
784 SW Greenville Hills Road, Greenville, FL 32331

Mailing Address:
2930 Kerry Forest Parkway, Suite 101, Tallahassee, FL 32309

Ricky Riley, General Manager, 850-948-2431

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